Our Story

The story of tower to reading

If you have ever watched a child struggle to learn how to read, then you know how painful it is for everyone involved. The child wants to learn; sincerely craves learning more than anything else, but the words just seem ever-elusive.

No matter what he or she tries, nothing seems to stick. There are various solutions available to children and parents, but there is a major flaw with the vast majority of these solutions: they fail to break reading down into its most basic components.

With Tower to Reading, we have done just that, analyzing reading and then presenting it in such a way that it is readily understood by your young child. This is a program designed to help your child grasp the concepts of reading and using words appropriately. With Tower to Reading, your child will learn how to create sentences of his or her own and to differentiate between confusing homonyms such as “to,” “too,” and “two.”

We have spent a great deal of time and effort developing this program to be effective. Broken down into nine floors, the Tower to Reading program combines workbooks and reading books to guide your young learner from the very beginning stages to the very top stages. We also included flashcards on every floor for additional assistance.